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I am fairly sure the rope is 9/16. My dock lines are 3/4 inch.
It fits easily through the fender eye.
Then I thought why not put a stopper knot on the rope end. I did and it works great.
No way the knot can escape the eye, and I can quickly unrope the fender.
I tried the half hitch, bowline type knots, and it just looked way to bulky. The half hitch, the rope is stiff and it just wants to come apart. But just tying a knot in the rope end, it is tight and I feel very confident the fender will not fall off the rope.

If I was using 3/8 line, I think a loop knot or a splice would be better, but with this thicker rope, no.

A loop splice would make the 9/16" rope so thick, I doubt would pass through the eye of the fender.
And I dont want to have a loop spliced permanently on the fender. It looks elegant, but not practical, I mean then your stuck with it on there all the time.
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