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Thanks all.

Ski: that is the best piece of advice I have received for some time. The most reassuring too.

For those who asked, or are curious, the following applies to the 6.5 Phasor. I can't speak for the other versions, but they could be similar.

The "Run" switch supplies power to the electric fuel pump (Facet pump in my pic).

The "Run" switch also supplies power to the Pre-heat switch.

The "Start" switch, when pressed, supplies power to the fuel solenoid.
This moves the plunger to the run position.

When the engine starts, the solenoid receives power from a secondary circuit to hold the plunger in the run position.

The plunger on the fuel solenoid is pushed out by a spring when the solenoid is not getting power. This is the fuel-off position. When the solenoid gets power, it pulls the plunger in and the fuel flows.

The fuel system on my main engines are the other way round: they need power to stop rather than power to run. This is nice because a failure in the 12-volt system does not leave you without propulsion when miles from land. I wish the generator was the same.
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