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When I was in high school I had an Albury boat that was about 16 feet long and was a power boat. It looked very much like the one in Hawg's picture but bigger. I'm not sure if it had ever been rigged to sail.

I don't know when it was built but the engine was 1930's vintage. It was a ten hp Palmer. I started it by giving the flywheel a flip. Ignition was a tractor magneto with two leads. The funny thing was it was a two cylinder engine but had four spark plugs. In addition to two spark plugs, each cylinder had a priming cup that I could use to pour raw gasoline into the cylinder. That boat taught me a lot.

It wasn't fast or fancy so I never asked girls out in it. Years later a woman who I had been quite smitten with in high school asked me why I never took her for a boat ride? I think I screwed up big time. That one was a keeper.
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