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Originally Posted by psneeld View Post
I personally think Ted (the first response) was correct...just not detailed as most of us understand the basic principles of a pump.

If it just prevents backflow into the pump..then Ted is clearly the winner unless he recants by saying he doesn't understand the basic workings of the hand pump... (highly unlikely)

Just announcing you are the winner doesn't make it so.
Wifey B: Omg, call Nascar Scoring. Is it Brennan Poole or Elliot Sadler? Let them both sit at the flagstand until we decide. But this is Peggie's to decide.

Oh, this is so crappy. What a sh...ty situation has developed. Wish we could just flush it all away. Vacuum or hydraulic, I don't care. Was more detail needed or not. Sure glad I'm not the teacher grading the answers. What grade is needed on the answer? Did the first dude get a C and the second an A or was first incomplete. Omfg what a quandary, a bewilderment, a dilemma, a puzzle, a pickle. This whole thing is so septic now.

Meanwhile the cars on the track go round and round but some go really round and round.
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