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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
I had the same toilet on my sailboat. I thought it was great. We definitely used TP in that head and never had any problems. The key is to use cheap paper that dissolves reasonably well and pump the head well. I always instructed folks on the boat to dry pump the head 20 times after the bowl was cleared. I figured that if they did 1/2 that all the waste would make it to the holding tank. The Raritan manual is a great head in my experience. However, my experience is limited to Jabsco, Wilcox-Crittendon, and Raritan. Each being the low end manual toilets. The Raritan was by far the best of the bunch.

Ok. Awesome. Thanks. You might have just saved me $200000!

20 times! I've been flushing 8 for some reason. I have Peggy's book but still learning.
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