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I found convincing people who need to use more the 4 to 5 sheets of paper to use multiple flushes... that will pretty much guarantee no clogs till the macerator blades become dull, disabled, corroded or covered with deposits.

I converted my pump flush to electric by removing the manual pump, covered the hole with a plate. Put a 90 degree plastic barb at the end to feed a plain old cheapo $80 macerator mounted below the toilet on the underside of the deck where the toilet sits. Works like a charm and is much quieter as the pump is "out" of the space. Yes the toilet is fed by the salt water wash down system and uses a $10 solenoid to fill or flush and also runs the macerator on flush. About $100 total, actually less as some macerator pumps can be had for less.. this setup seems better than the mods the manufacturers offer.
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