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We took our motorhome to alaska towing a toyota tacoma 4 door 4wd shortbed. We put the tacoma on the ferry at Homer spit. All my camping gear and a 15 foot aluminum topper flat bottom boat on a custom built full length rack/roll cage, with storage under. It was overloaded. We spent a month on kodiac in a tent fishing the Saltery river. With HUGE brown bears everywhere. The first week we tried to cook on a campfire. To wet. We took the now empty truck back to town 17 miles over incredibly ruff terrain (think goat trail) it took all day. We spent the night in a local hotel with running hot water, nice. We went to a store and bought a Coleman camp cook stove, 2 burner, and a dozen green bottles of gas. Another half day getting back to camp. After that I could have coffee on and cook breakfast easy. Dinner was easy, salmon or arctic char with fresh cut greens, mustards mostly. I can still smell it. One day we took out the boat on to Ugak Bay. Tried some halibut fishing but no luck. We saw a crabber so I went over to BS. He said they had got a rope in the wheel but his deckhand cut it off. Now, this boy was in shorts and had been in the water free diving for about an hour. Water was COLD. The captain asked if we'd like a few crabs. My wife loves crab, so she says "sure" . He told his deckhand to throw some in our boat. He pitched 7 HUGE dungeness crabs into the boat. We ate good that night. My wife was going to make crab cakes the next day but the bears ate the left overs, in our camp. Most fun ever.
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