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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: Ok, for a moment...a question. Let's say we were interested in "camping" but to us that was a nice motorhome. Sort of like Phil Fill. Would we really be able to see the beauty that campers crave in one or would we be limited to large RV parks? On a boat you can use a dinghy/tender to get where the boat can't. So to match that do you have a four wheeler or something behind the Motorhome? Or get a Motorhome built with a garage. How would you go about seeing the stuff you couldn't in the Motorhome. And while motorcycles may be on your list, I like my skin and not about to get on one of those things.

I didn't see anyone else jump right on this...

Yes, you can go off-grid with some motorhomes... to some places. Mostly depends on the quality of the roads, but even many unpaved forestry roads are accessible as long as you also have air clearance and aren't too long for tight turns. Sometimes shorter (length) is more preferable for this role...

The "garage" models offer some advantages, but also some disadvantages, so that's all a big trade-off... just as there are very general pros and cons for big motorhomes on a bus chassis (Class A), less big motor homes on a truck chassis (Class C), van conversions (Class B), 5th wheel trailers, (straight, pull behind) travel trailers, and slide-in truck campers. (That latter can offer some decent off-road utility, with a honkin' big 4WD pickup; get where you want, drop the camper onto the ground, e voila!)

Anyway, yes, you can use your "dinghy" (vehicle) to go further off the beaten path. Dinghy vehicles are often selected on criteria such as where you'd go with it (really no-kidding off-road implies 4WD) and how easy it is to tow on its own wheels (transmission disconnects or free-wheel lubrication, etc.).

Much of our camping has been in a tent, sometimes minimal with whatever we could pack in the canoe, sometimes elaborate on outfitted hunting trips, or even just a tarp and a sleeping bag while hunting alone in the Rockies...

But we've also pulled trailers, camped in our previous van conversion, stayed with folks in motorhomes... and some years ago almost went all in with the idea of buying one of those on-wheel things. But then paralysis by analysis set in, and I never could really decide which of those units would really suit us best.

So we bought a boat.

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