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Originally Posted by BandB View Post
Wifey B: Heresy.

I think some of the tv and computer love may be generational. I don't know. Growing up we had rabbit ears and 3 snowy stations and I didn't watch because I preferred to be in my bedroom. But since then I'm an addict. NBA playoffs right now. I love to see that. We like to follow our teams. We won't alter our entire schedule to do so. And there are silly shows I love. Shows educated people aren't supposed to like. They're great escape. I'd feel so deprived without tv.

We're on the computer and watching Mystery Diner's we had DVR'ed and eating a light lunch. We're chilling today and tomorrow since we head back north to the boat this weekend.
I don't have a problem w TV on an i-pad or laptop. I never watch TV on either ... I'm talk'in about a flat screen on the bulkhead. I watch plenty of TV and can't be a minimalist there. What I meant was if one spends a lot of time on a boat doing other stuff perhaps tons of money is being wasted on the boat?

But why would'nt one be on deck or reading a cruising guide about where you're going, honeing your skills on radar or other boating related things?

Actually the only thing that irritates me re this issue is fads and pop stuff that exists only because it's cool at the time.

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