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I have good experiences using the Loctite PL S30 on all kinds of metal, wood, fiberglass.
It is a softer rubber than 5200 and a lot cheaper to buy. A couple times had some issues sticking to select spots on pine wood, which when I peeled off some of it, there was pine sap, so surface contamination prevented the adhering. PL S30 is designed for exposure to hot sun, the rain, made to stick to wood and metal on roofs.

I found it also sticks underwater on the boat. I have also sealed up several through hulls using it.

I also repaired a 3 inch ripped rubber exhaust hose end. I mixed up PL s30 with 1/32 " milled fibers, smeared it on an acetone cleaned hose and into the tear. Then wrapped several overlapping layers of FG wall board tape going down the hose 4 inches, fully saturating the FG tape.
Then smeared on a top layer. Waited 2 days, and was like a new hose.
This hose originally tore when it was stuck and I had a very hard time getting it off.
So now I use Rector seal T plus 2 on all the hose and fittings.
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