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RE: Another Dinghy Towing Question

Carey wrote:

capt jerry wrote:

you could put floats on the tow line so it wont sink???
I'm with you Capt JerryI towed for several years without eating my towline, but even with polypropylene line, you will eventually suck it down to the prop. Net floats woven into the towline every six or eight feet should help prevent that.*


I get net floats and rope/line from the commercial net bin.* The tow line has floats every 2 ft.*

June will install an aluminum receiver, like a trailer receiver, to support the middle of the teak swim platform and then work on the design of the dink towing system during the summer.* I like to tow the dink/run about close behind the Eagle, and saw some where/place what looked like the front of a trailer with a winch and V pads to pull the dink up into and/or let the dink out.* I thought that was a great idea, but can not find and/or seen one since.* **********

I have a rough idea/sketch which the shop loves as the whole shop gets involved.* What is Phil/Fill designing/making now?* The shop will make the receiver and a proto type of the dink towing will be made out of wood and ply, until I get the design figured out. Its going to be designed so it comes apart and together in pieces so it can be changed/modified for different dinks/boats. In protect water prefer to tow but in the open blue water prefer to carry the dink on the roof.

Has anybody seen and/or know what I am talking about?
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