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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
I successfully repaired something like that in Gaston's pic, caused by some boat tyre-kicker standing on the rail too far from the upright support, to view my, then new, canvas side deck extension, and forced the scarf joint open. I used a recognised wood glue, (Aquadhere), after cleaning the joint surfaces, and then screws up from the metal reinforcing plate below, so they did not come right through, thus allowing a smooth upper surface and no bolt heads to snag clothing of fingers, etc.

After a sand down, and re-coat with the Cetol Marine Clear I use on my 'rail cap', (or should that not be 'cap rail', Puget, since there is no metal rail under it - only the uprights, so the teak is the rail), it looked as good as new, and still does 5 yrs later.
I was envisioning a solid rail like a bulwark or bullrail with the wood cap on top. As to the wood rail on top of stanchions,, I call that a handrail.
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