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Originally Posted by Rebel112r View Post
Dave, when I went to replace my house batteries, the american equivalent batteries would not fit in boxes, Chinese batts slightly smaller. Rather than change boxes, bought 6 6 volt, ended up with 700 amp hours. They are lead acid, and seem to be working well.
After spending a few days crawling in to the back reaches of that lazarette, the idea of checking the fluid level of the batteries back there doesn't fill me with glee. Even getting a good enough angle to view into the chambers would be tricky.

OTOH, as I found out last fall on my sailboat, using 6v golf carts is the most economical solution. I went the cheap route on my sailboat and used Some Interstate batteries sold by Costco. 108 ah each. 6 would be. just shy of 650ah.

Of interest, the battery monitor shows % of charge as well as amps in or out and voltage of the house bank. The highest % it every hits is 94%. To my simply mind, it is telling me that over the 6 years of use, the batteries have lost 6% of their capacity?

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