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Generator not starting.

Just got home from a couple days on the boat. It was great. I did have one little issue in that the generator didn't start.

We were being relatively profligate with electricity usage due to the novelty. Finally, decided that the batteries should be charged and we wanted to run some more AC. I went to start the genset and nothing. The display would like, but as soon as the starter switch was activated the display died. Appeared to not have enough battery power to start it. Odd as the engine start was fine and the house bank had been fine as well.

The genset started up easily during the seatrial and survey. So, my guess is that I have done something stupid with the switches. I have a charger on the genset battery now to see if after it is charged up it will start. Then I need to start exploring the wiring and figure out how it is all put together so I can identify the problem.

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