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A staysil being loose footed would make a poor steadying sail. It's too dependant on being filled. A tight sail w a boom would be much more effective unless there was a beam wind. Then I would think the staysil should do fine.

Re steading sails and windage ballance, the steadying sail should be aft so the bow isn't blown off downwind. Also at anchor a large enough sail aft will reduce tremendiously sailing back and forth on the anchor rode. Ideally I suppose a sizable sail like the aftermost sail on a yawl would be best ... just above a davit mounted dinghy.

And if the sail was big enough and far enough aft one could shut down and drift head into the wind w a calm cockpit. I had an OB boat once that did that w/o any sail at all. That was a plus but the price to pay was bad handling on following seas.

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