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Dhays. For getting to filters, I remove covers so I can stand in front of gen set. No need to get on hands and knees. Changing tanks I open hinged hatch, go down stairs and am able to access valves, between the port side of gen-set and water heater. I still fit there pretty easily. Same procedure for using transfer pump. I don't have ability to transfer without going into engine room . Transferring water or fuel from heavy side to light side does not work to well, unless there is a great difference in levels. Always seems to go to low or heavy side, go figure! I usually monitor fuel level pretty close when tranferring, these days getting fuel in water is a no-no. I have found the level in the sight gauges to be very close to 10 gal per inch and that little pump moves about 5 gpm. The electronic fuel consumption readout and my tape measure are pretty close on fill ups. On both water and fuel tank sight tubes I keep a small piece of masking tape at fluid levels to keep track of usage. It is nice to have hinge on the one hatch, but I have never thought about hinging them all, no need for me. Wish there was an easier access for the dip-stick though. You could get a little eye hook and some string to hold that switch, but that might be too easy. Hope you are having fun.. Dan
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