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Fuel transfer pump...

The NP 43 has two fuel tanks. Normally, they are 190 gal (although shipyard tag in Chinese and English says they are 250 gal). Kinship has a fuel transfer pump between the two tank the line for the fuel transfer pump leave at the base of the tanks and there is a valve by each tank.

In the pilothouse, there is a spring load toggle that controls the pump. hold it to Port and it pumps fuel from the Starboard tank to the Port tank. Hold it to Starboard and it goes the other way.

So a couple of questions.... Would there be anything bad about changing out that toggle? If I am transferring fuel I have to hold the toggle because as soon as I release it, the pump stops. I was wondering about a rocker switch with an indicator light maybe? The fuel transfer pump has its own circuit breaker so there is little chance of engaging the pump accidentally. The biggest concern would be that I might simply forget to turn it off, hence the idea of an indicator light. I have also heard of using a timer switch instead, I just don't think that I could find one to fit on the helm.

Secondly, if I have full fuel in one tank, and near empty in another, and I open both valves for the fuel transfer line and don't run the pump, will fuel tend to equalize in the tanks? Without a pump, they would. But would the pump impeller keep that from happening and would that cause any harm to the Jabsco fuel pump?

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