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Originally Posted by Panhandler View Post
Thanks, Phil. Purchase survey indicated no overcurrent protection but she does have an AC breaker between shore power and the main panel. It's an odd combination of recent upgrades and old holdovers! I'll take a more serious look at the wiring when we get her back to our dock in Pensacola from Melbourne. It seems as if some simplification may be in order, particularly in terms of isolating batter banks. The big Cat has two 8D starting batteries, the gen has two big starting batteries, and then there are two house banks...all charged by one charger.... Love your boat, btw!
We stayed at Orange beach two weeks ago. We are looking at different areas for the winter. Puget sound on the boat in the summer and winter south. Make sure you added the AC breaker, shore and gen set. Make sure they are double throw.
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