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Originally Posted by kelbylinn View Post
I have a 42' Grand Banks and the cost to tow about 20 miles from one marina to the repair yard was 1080.00. I carry both Seatow and Boat US unlimited towing. We are doing parts of the great loop and felt more comfortable having both. Each cost under $200.00 so to me and my piece of mind it was a bargain. In my case it proved well worth it. One other twist was Seatow refused the tow since I still had one engine running. Boat US gladly towed us for no cost at all. All on them.
The refusal could have gone one way or another depending on how it was described.

Sea Tow might have or should have offered assistance to maneuver in and out of the marinas...I have done that many times....

Other than that, depending on a lot of things, I would have almost been ashamed to ask for a 20 mile tow with a working engine. A lot of captains I have assisted just want assistance or escort around difficult maneuvering areas.

Plus the way I understand the 2 business models....the BoatUS guys gets paid to tow you from national if he deides you need a tow (and who wouldn't)...the local Sea Tow guy eats it out of his pocket and now isn't available to tow someone who is totally disabled.

There are many reasons things are done a certain way...not always transparent.

In my old the tow was requested during certain times of the year, a BoatUS boat may not have even been available while the Sea Tow one would have been...of course if they elected to tow or assist...
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