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Originally Posted by ranger42c View Post
I guess..

Think I'd have maybe said concave, convex, scoop (or back-hoe: SuperMAX)... and then wouldn't there be a sub-category for roll-bar vs. non-roll-bar?

I can't always remember which is which, aside from the Delta (concave?) , the roll-bar Rocna, and the back-hoe.

Yes I like that especially the back-hoe part. Haha. All the convex anchore are plows and all the concave anchors are scoops as I classified them. Just calling them convex and concave may work as well. Roll bar or non-roll bar dosn't work as some anchors have other means of righting themselves such as the Boss and Vulcan. So IMO convex and concave is ok but roll bar as a type would need the company of more anchors than we have here on the table. Perhaps self righting would be ok grouping RB and other self righting anchors together.

Chris how would you classify all the common anchors?
Stockless isn't a good name for Navy-like anchors as most all anchors common on pleasure boats are stockless. Perhaps "Stockless Pivoting Shank" anchors is better. You can't call them pivoting shank anchors because Danforth and Fortress anchors would need to be included and they clearly aren't of the same type.

The only other types hard to classify is the Claw and SARCA. the Claw could be a type in itself along w the Max .. Perhaps. The SARCA is different as are all SARCA owners but they are convex. I remember Rex said they started w a prototype SARCA that was concave but it's clearly convex now however only slightly. So what is the XYZ? Few care but it's another anchor hard to classify and perhaps related to the SARCA. Maby that's why I like them both.

I'll make a list of anchors needing clasifying or add to yours Chris. Then we can put them into boxes. Perhaps we need a new thread?

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