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Originally Posted by Baker View Post
They MIGHT have lotsa life left. My first question is what is the purpose you are buying this boat??? What kind of boating will you be doing??? I ask that because I am wondering why you are considering this particular boat instead of the other 150 Mainship 350/390s that are on the market. Key is "could" be just a fouled bottom. But it could be just as likely that this person has been running this boat hard(these boats will easily plane with 400hp...especially overpropped). If this boat has been run hard overpropped a good portion of its life, those engines are suspect....plain and simple.

If you are absolutely in love with this particular boat, then do your due diligence even if it costs a little more than you think. A condition/hull survey might be $500-800. And engine survey will likely be double that. Just DO IT...or look for another boat. Me personally....if my plan was to cruise at displacement speeds(which most people with these boats do), I would find one with a Single(most likely a Cat 3116). They put single Yanmars in the later models but you may be wanting to stay away from those boats due to cost??? If you are wanting to Plane in the boat, I would get the twin 240hp Yanmars.

When I did the sea trial on my current MS it reached spec WOT RPM but not MPH. Found bottom was severely fouled when pulled for inspection. After pressure washing/cleaning WOT meets RPM & MPH

Agree w/ Bakers comments re; considering single - makes a BIG difference in ER / engine access for inspections, PM & any repairs.

I had to adjust mentally from previous twins & 25MPH cruise to 14MPH w/ single MS 34 but the adjustment has been easier and more enjoyable than I thought.
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