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I've owned both 4G and conventional 4KW, both 24" domes. I was really unimpressed with the 4G, and found nothing useful that it did better than the 4kw dome, and many things that it did worse.

In terms of nothing useful that it does better.... yes, 4G can detect the boat next to you in a slip, but who cares. Even in the worst fog you can see beyond the close-in blind spot on conventional radar (about 75'). To me it's much more important to see things from a distance and as they come closer. Having crystal clear vision as I hit them is not very useful. And from 75' and to about 1/2 mile, I have found the 4kw dome to be as good in all ways as the 4G.

In terms of things that it does worse, here's a blog entry with a video (and other info that might be relevant). It's a tug and barge about 2 miles away, and the 4G can't detect it. Part way through the video I switched to a conventional radar and it shows up right away.

Other issues are in the blog too. If there are racons in your area (there are in most major ports), the 4G won't trigger them. The 4G is also susceptible to interference from nearby conventional radars. The more powerful the radar, the more blinding the interference. So the bigger the boat (the bigger the radar), the more likely you are to become blinded as you get closer and need the radar the most to avoid getting run down.

The 4G looks and sounds great on paper, but in practice a small conventional digital radar performs much better. Since my experiment with the 4G I have outfitted two boats, and with both I went back to conventional digital radar.
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