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Finally got shaft aligned after engine rebuild within .005"

This was not easy. Ended up needing the front engine moved over to the left about 1/4 inch, so needed to plug and drill new holes. I kept thinking move the back over, but that just did not work out.
It has been out of alignment for years.
I was aligning it last year did what I could with it, and i kept thinking the shaft was bent for years. It might actually be bent a little, but if so, it is bent .005"

Then it is not just aligning the coupler faces, the shaft needs to be centered in the shaft log as close as possible. I found propping up the shaft with some wood blocks so it is centered helped me a lot, and also using a come along to lift up the engine so the motor mounts would slide over.

I think it was running before with at least 10 thousands out of alignment which was ok if the engine ran real slow. Since I almost always just run it low rpm, I never noticed much troubles, but last year, doing some high speed runs, I noticed the shaft gong crazy bouncing around some vibration and engine blowing some blue oil smoke, so early spring I hauled it up and rebuilt the motor.

What would you think having a coupling alignment way off your symptoms would be?
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