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Originally Posted by N4061 View Post
I guess we are getting a little anxious waiting the boat to arrive so what do we do, we start reviewing everything on the boat all over again (never good for Scott). One item that I struggled with on the H38E was he breast plate or anchor protector. While there is nothing wrong with the current one I wondered how the boat may look without it. I know based on past experience that plates do not really serve much of a purpose since they are so high up on the front of the bow. In fact on our N40's I always felt the anchor roller was too far aft not providing the true required of space between the dangling anchor and the lower portion of the hull.

Thinking about this a further I emailed Scott and asked his opinion. He responded today confirming the plate is more for appearance then function and we could delete it if we desired.

So this morning I started to play with a head on picture of the H38E and colored out the breast plate. I also looked at trawlers that are built with and without the breast plate installed. It appears to be almost a 50/50 mix on small to mid size trawlers. So for our boat we will hold off having the plate installed and go for a cleaner look up front. Scott advised in his email that if we should change our mind later we could order one from the yard.

That's enough changes for this week.


I agree:

After maximizing within concept, then, minimize within reason - to gain best clarity of design efficiency!

This rule-o-thumb concept works well throughout many levels of invention.
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