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City: Bainbridge Island
Country: US
Vessel Name: La Paloma Blanca
Vessel Model: Helmsman Trawler 38
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I am excited to announce that I took delivery of La Paloma Blanca, to be known as "Paloma," on Friday the 25th at Waterline Boats in Seattle. This is a shot of Paloma arriving at her new port, Eagle Harbor on Bainbridge Island, across Puget Sound from Seattle.

Paloma is hull number 26 of the Helmsman 38s and it is a beauty. The build is typical Helmsman, perfect and the commissioning of the boat after the arrival in the US has gone smoothly as we made the boat our own. The patience and perfectionism of both of the Helkers and their willingness to accommodate my requests have made this purchase a great experience. This is our sixth boat and I expect it will be the last since it has all we could possibly want in a boat. And after all of the trepidations of adding 10 feet onto our last boat, it was an easy boat to handle taking out of the tight marina and bringing into our home slip. In addition we had to go through locks to get out of the lake and the boat handled well.

Great boat and we are thrilled with our decision. Friends have been wandering past our slip and admiring the boat and we plan to have a welcoming party soon and show off all the room on board.

I am happy to answer any questions but first you have to find me; I am going to be boating as much as possible and going to be busy getting all of our stuff on board but the storage space right now seems almost unlimited.

If you want a great boat, get a perfectionist builder. Scott and Lisa fit the bill.
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