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Don't shortchange the RV units - they are relatively cheap and hold up in salt environment. I installed one on a Parker that's going strong after 8 years.

Miy rooftop is on a 40 year old houseboat and who knows when it was installed?
One More Time Around: Boat Air Conditioning Improvment

The R2D2 units (portables) are only spot coolers unless they are dual hose - the single hose units draw in the ambient air for cooling the compressor and send it out the window. This air has to be sucked back in from somewhere. The hoses are terribly awkward and the unit itself needs to be secured...nice for rolling around the house but we found way too much trouble on a moving vehicle (we tried it in the van and on the houseboat).

And even a cheap window unit can be of use...
One More Time Around: Boat Air Conditioning
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