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I think you would be better to just put a normal 120VAC one in that runs from your generator. Another option, I have a 12VDC one in my little boat, a 30 foot sport craft. It only does the front cabin, and will drop it down in about 30 minutes to a cool 75 with no humidity when its 100 outside, and the cabin is not well sealed. We looked at RV type units, but the major issue i found through hours of research and talking to folks who had them, was neverending rust lines from the units! They are not designed for boats, and after a year, they leach red rust at times of heavy rain. The unit you pictured, it a lemo/bus type unit, which requires a huge compressor on your main. I burn about 35 amps DC when running my unit, 32 for the AC, and 3 for the pump. So our 90 amp alternator is loaded up pretty good with the AC on, but it was not worth keeping the weight and support of a generator since we only run the AC when we are out fishing all day anyway, and the volvo diesel never gets turned off. For your salon, you would need at least 2 of these small 12VDC AC units, so you would be pulling down say 70 plus amps including the pumps. Thats ALOT of alternator belts to sustain that level of amperage. Stick with traditional 120VAC AC units and never look back. If you really want to look at one of those bus units, then i would say just design your own system with an engine mounted AC unit, and keel cooled heat exchanger.
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