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I'm going to use speed cruise to represent the true cruising speed of a boat, 70-80% load, and economy cruise to represent cruising at near hull speed to get near maximum economy.

Crossing oceans 1000 nm at speed cruise. 3000 nm at economy cruise.
Coastal cruising 500 nm at speed cruise. 1000 nm at economy cruise.
Looping 250 nm at speed cruise. 400 nm at economy cruise.
Local and short hop cruising 200 nm at speed cruise, 300 nm at economy cruise.

A couple of other thoughts. I don't want to have to stop during the day for fuel. Want to be able to run all day at my desired speed or some acceptable combination of speeds. We do own a sport boat that at a cruise of 35 knots only has a range (at 90%) of 265 nm. That means it can only run 7 1/2 hours or so at that speed without fueling. Annoying but necessary in that type boat. However, in any type of normal cruising, if cruise is 20 knots then I must have range at 20 knots of at least 250 nm and preferably 280 nm.

I must be able to make it between all potential fuel stops. For a looper, this means at least 220 nm, so with a minimum reserve at least 245 nm. If one wants to come down the Mississippi all the way, then it means 330 nm, so with a minimum reserve at least 365 nm.

I also need a reasonable balance of fuel for my cruising habits. Too much and it sits. Too little and I have to adjust trips. Another factor is being able to fuel with the best prices. Traveling outside the country that can be huge. You pay double in the Virgin Islands what you pay in Puerto Rico. We get a price of around $1.70 today at home. St. Augustine is $2.49. The cheapest in the Bahamas is about $3.10. Some up to $5.00. If my range is only 300 nm and I go to Nassau, cruise around a little, I'll be paying the higher price. If my range is 600 or 1000 nm I can go to the Bahamas, enjoy three weeks, return home and then fuel.
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