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Spot on RT.
Don't forget, we would have lost the reveloution if the French did not take a stand.
And, wifey B, you are right, but some folks do not always wish to make a stand so then the bullies rule. In my experience, Bully's or obnoxious people usually back down when confronted and as a group we all need to stand together.
I would prefer that people think about and be responsible for their actions and this kinda stuff would not happen. But when it does, we ALL need to call it out.
Then my friend would have seen that this was not acceptable in this venue and that it would provoke a response. That did not happen in what I saw and I could not let it pass. We are all responsible for the character of this forum and to keep it civil we all need to participate; like you and Hubby B and RT.
BTW, that would be a huge group hug, but I'm game.


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