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Wifey B: Well said, Binkley. I know people complain about calling for political correctness, but all one is really calling for is not insulting a group of people, not seeking humor at the expense of others. We're all part of one or more stereotyped groups. I think most blonde jokes are funny. However, I also know that as a result of them there are people out there who think all blondes must be dumb.

Now, I'm going to say something to the one who left. So you felt insulted. I think everyone on this site has felt that way one or more times, often far more personal than a general characterization. Ultimately, the only way we win is by showing the characterization isn't true and by standing up to it when we feel it's made. We say clearly that it's not representative of all French or blondes or wealthy people or business people or government employees or lawyers or even used car salesmen. Running doesn't get it done.

I'm going to say that I don't believe FF meant to be insulting to a group of people but it sure came across that way. Ultimately he'll have to say what he meant or why he said what he did. However, at some point we have to forgive and forget or we have to decide we don't like the attitude of someone else and we're not giving in to their prejudice.

It's a tough balance and I don't have the answer, other than that we all must keep working on it. Perhaps a simpler way would have been saying "I'm French and I don't appreciate your characterization." Then saying, "I apologize. I've had some bad experiences but I know all Frenchmen are not like that."

The humor section has every group insulted but in humor. In the regular forum, we all need to just be aware and considerate. Think the next time you say all lawyers are crooked that there are lawyers here and I'm betting they are not crooked. The next time you characterize the poor as freeloaders or the wealthy as not caring. We've got both groups represented here. And when you find insults being made, just remind yourself that it says more about the person making them than it does about you.

Now, how about a group hug and back to boats. Please. Pretty please.
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