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Apology Required !

Originally Posted by FF View Post
Traveled a bit in many places , and most anywhere they are $elling anything ,
English is the std.

The French are the biggest PIA , so use rotten French or speak jibberesh (tell them its Croatian) and English will suddenly be spoken.

The youth almost anywhere delight in speaking English , as they understand English is the key to their future.
Because of this post I know of one person ( at least ) that has quit this forum.

I am well aware that everyone has a right to an opinion but sometimes that opinion is a bit skewed; like suggesting all people of a certain nationality or culture are "this that or the other thing". In a international forum that has a huge following you display a lack of awareness that demonstrates a certain level of ignorance to what the purpose of this venue actually is designed to accomplish.
My very dear friend who happens to be a French citizen, an international businessman, regards this country as his role model of society. I'm sure he is not happy to be lumped into the "PIA' category simply because he happens to be French.
Maybe the poster could be categorized as an " Ugly American PIA " by a few French nationals.
As I said before, this forum should not be a place of venom or derision. It should, IMHO, be a place where like minded folks that enjoy a great lifestyle can share their experiences and wisdom without worrying what some "PIA - Ugly American's " opinion of another nationality happens to be. I, and hopefully we, really aren't interested!

Time for am apology Mr. FF - you can handle it I'm sure.

PS: if it was an attempt at humor, it didn't work

" Amazing Grace How Sweet the Sound"
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