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For sure AGMs will be a terrible money sink for some people, and a boon for others. Like most things boat related there is no one correct answer for everyone. For sure one should do their homework before they invest and understand the distinct advantages and disadvantages.

AGMs can take a higher charge rate, but most boats do not have the capacity to charge that fast anyway. Many people report terrible AGM cycle life if they are not fully charged regularly. For example Lifeline Battery Company claims AGMs will last:

- Fully charge after each discharge. Estimated life: 6-9 Years
- Fully Recharge at least once a week and equalize once a month. Estimated life: 4-6 Years..
- Only recharge to 85% and equalize once a month. Estimated life: 2-4 years.
- Only charge to 85% and never equalize. Estimated life: 1 year.

Lots of great info here: AGM Batteries - Making The Choice | Forums
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