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Originally Posted by manyboats View Post
The advantage to AGM's is that it takes less batt to do the job.

Lead acid (LA) batts can only discharge (useable) down to 50% of full charge. AGM's can routinely be discharged 80% whereas LA batts only 50%. If we (we have AGM) were to switch to LA we would need 1/3 more space for our house batts. No space in the engine compartment for that. We'd need to buy a new start batt too as the charging rate would not be high enough for the start batt if we changed the house to LA.

New batts may be very soon in my future and I'd love to spend lots less. Our battery power is rather minimal now so LA batts may mean we could only run the Wabasto part of the night. And if money were no issue what case could be made for not using AGM's?
Every AGM manufacturer I know of, except for Firefly, advises a maximum cycling depth of 50%.

You can just as easily cycle deep cycle flooded batteries to 80% DOD but the cycle life suffers, just as it does with AGM's...

Some manufacturers, such as EnerSys, still advertise 80% DOD but then recommend a max DOD of 50% because the cycle life at 80% DOD really suffers quite badly.
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