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Except for the occasional crystal clear instance, "failing survey" is a subjective judgement call. Expect almost every boat to have positive and negative aspects, and to balance them to decide yea or nay to the boat.
Do not expect a 13yo boat to be a new boat, or that the seller has to renegotiate to bring it to "new" standard. Except perhaps where the seller holds the boat out to be "as new" or "better than new". Most owners will know of items which are heading towards repair or replacement but are not there yet, and the expenditure not yet required.
One thing which would greatly bother me is if I discovered the seller has done something to conceal or mislead about a fault. In that instance I would be concerned about instances not discovered and would distrust the boat.
It is true, as noted above, some issues will not be discovered despite a good survey, and only found during ownership. As good as many surveyors may be, they are not infallible.
Desirable as it may be from a buyers point of view, I doubt many sellers would agree to fix/allow for the repair cost of any "defect" a survey commissioned by the buyer might disclose.
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