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Originally Posted by dhays View Post
It would trouble me however if this attitude in FL became a trend. There are lots of very expensive homes along the shores of Puget Sound. Most of the last along the sound is privately owned even if it is devoid of any homes or structures. I would hate to see waterfront property owners influence lawmakers into designing rules which would prohibit the use of state tidelands by any but those that owned property along those tidelands.

As to attitude, we're talking a small number of people in a very specific location. There is plenty of anchoring in the area in Miami where the restrictions were put in. Also, there have been the occasional conflicts many places. I've read of boaters being chased away in GA from what was really plenty of distance from the homeowner.

As to MHW and property, all our property is above the MHW. We have a seawall as do most homes in our area plus we only have 2.5' tidal variation.
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