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Originally Posted by dhays View Post

Interesting, most anywhere you can park your car on a residential street in front of someones home and it is perfectly legal, regardless of how long you leave it there.
A couple of weaknesses in that analogy. First, there are generally separations between your property and the street so they are kept a certain distance from your property. There are also regulations regarding how close to your driveway as they must leave that area clear. The above is true almost everywhere. Now the one that varies. Some municipalities will tag and ultimately remove a car that is just left parked in front of a house and never moved.

Also, many areas have additional limitations. The rules just like these anchorage rules are not set by the homeowner but the local government. Some streets have no parking on one side. Some have none near the corners. None allow it near fire hydrants. Add to that rules on which way a parked car must be turned and requiring it to have current registration and tags.

So parking on residential streets is often regulated in one way or another and the municipality is allowed to regulate it any way they see fit.

In many neighborhoods even homeowners are restricted from what they can park in their own driveway.
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