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Originally Posted by hmason View Post
B & B, thank you for being a voice of reason and for taking the tIme to offer your expert opinions.

We anchor most of the time when we travel north and south between CT and FL. We are courteous and quiet. The only noise we allow outside of our boat is the sound of our anchor chain as we have no choice. We have never been chastised by a homeowner or the LEOs. For the most part, the cruisers we see around us are courteous as well. We spend a night and move on in the morning unless the weather is prohibitive. When we reach our destination in FL we stay at a marina, in a slip. When we arrive in CT we stay at our yacht club in our slip.

I think it behooves a cruiser to not overstay at an anchorage. I would not leave my car parked in front of someone's home for days on end either.

Again, thanks for your time and input, it is valued.

Mine is just one opinion just like the others. I just don't want to see those who are pro-anchor shoot themselves in the foot. Now they're doing a petition to have the Governor veto the bill. Both sides of the legislature passed it overwhelmingly. 105 to 12 and 36 to 2. They have 300 names so far. There are thousands in the restricted anchor areas. It's just time to regroup before they lose credibility and their voice becomes ignored. The Governor isn't going to veto but if he did it would quickly be overridden. As much as I hate it, I have to accept it. I'm going to miss being able to look out my bedroom window and see anchored boats.

I wonder if had a compromise been presented it might have passed instead of the bill that did. We'll never know.
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