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securing the dinghy

Steve wrote:

l. Has anyone mounted cleats or maybe a handrail*on their swim platform to secure the dinghy while at anchor. *Maybe bolted through the transom a couple of feet above the swim platform?
Our dinghy is on Weaver Snap Davits so we simply clip it to the davits and leave it in the water next the swimstep.* But since you apparently haul you dinghy up to the cabin top that won't work for you.

I'd be wary of mounting cleats on a swim step simply becaue the day will come when you or someone else slams a foot into it.* Mounting a cleat on the transom is certainly doable if it won't be something that people will catch their clothes on or whack their knee on.* And it doesn't have to be terribly strong so a couple of stout wood screws and 5200 will be more than enough for the loads it will have I think.* No need to drill all the way through the transom, use a backing plate, etc.

The earlier suggestion of a loop of line cleated off and fed through one of the hawses is a good one and doesn't involve drilling holes in anything.* If it's an inflatable you don't have to worry about fenders, either.* On the occasions we have wanted to secure our Livingston alongside the boat as opposed to clipped the swimstep we have to put a pair of fenders down and then run the dinghy painter through the midship hawse.


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