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Originally Posted by sunchaser;
The addition of turbos to these old engines is not necessarily a positive sign as this means run at higher RPMs to enjoy the 25% HP increase benefits. If access for possible engine removal is easy then it may be a vessel worth considering.
Interesting comments and ones I have considered. Logs and service records are voluminous, maintenance and care top notch. A high level of comfort and trust is felt around the current much as one can feel in a stranger first encounter sense.

I have reached out to both John Deere and Lugger with regards to the balancer, as much for my own knowledge as anything. Easy out through either doors or windows.

Interesting aside and I have no reason to doubt; there is a KK and NH at play and interested in a trade on the old timer. Imagine that. Though that might be a more convenient route, it is more than likely better all around for vendor to sell then negotiate on the others. Too rich for me though for what it is.
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