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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
I know there are a few newer JDs around; Ted and Mark spring to mind. But are there any older ones on here?

Saw a really nice setup; twin 1980 4 cylinder, turboed, John Deere Luggers. Purported to be 80 horse turboed to 100. They have been very well cared for and even with 7000 hours and rebuilt twin discs (3 years ago), I'm thinking they have a lot of life left.

Can't find much on them.
I have the 4045TFM75. Depending on the computer program, it's 107, 120 or 135 HP. My came as a 135 HP and was going to have the computer set to 107 HP for an M1 rating, continuous duty. The $750 price tag to reset the computer has made me reconsider that need.

Really like my motor; it's very smooth and fuel efficient. The one item you will want to research in regard to these older motors is the balancing shafts. 4 cylinder engines tend to vibrate more and are not as smooth as 6 cylinder engines. To eliminate this additional vibration my engine has Balancing Shafts. While they have been around a long time, they are not universally in all 4 cylinder diesels. The Cummins 4BT 150 HP didn't have them. I would imagine all 4045 blocks have them, but would see if I could verify that. They make for a very smooth running engine. It was part of the reason I picked a Deere over a Cummins for my repower.

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