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Question Why excess acid on top of bow thruster battery ?

1700 amp 12 volt D size as I recall, two of them, maintained by ProMariner ProSport 20 charger. Batteries less then 2 years old, mounted just a foot or so behind the bow thruster tube. All state of charge lights check ok on charger.

Puddle of acid found on top of one battery, perhaps 4" circle. Checked the cell in the middle of it, has plenty of acid still.

Could this have happened from something so mundane as rough seas at the dock ? Would make no sense if so however, seeing as it made it from Florida to SC without a leak like that.

So, gotta be either that, combined with cell cap seal deterioating (seemed ok though) or something strange with charger overheating that battery, right ?

(and yes it was acid not a rain leak...I dipped finger in and touched a tiny bit to my tongue...yikes)
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