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securing the dinghy

Hi Steve*All i can give you is an opinion, and what suits us.

At one time we used to approach our boat by dinghy at the transom swim platform.

We no longer do this with the hope of reducing a potential accident.

We always *approach the port side this has become automatic having a larger target *Mavis *secures the painter to the spring cleat then lets the dinghy set back to the swim platform , *then disembark *or hand stuff over the side in the Quarter Deck. we have found off loading at the swim platform *requires double the effort.
When we are done we set to dinghy way back off the transom.

A) It does not bang against the Mother ship side
B) It does not make a splashing noise at night
C) *Passing boats keep clear.
D) *Unaffected by *Transom vortex
E) *Clear of *exhaust fumes.
F) *How many time have people got the painter tangled all round the prop or rudder.

There is a plan "B", which i have see being used by the British Navy at anchor use a 80 ft side suspended Boom, their dinghies are 30 ft motor boats i believe the US Navy use 60 ft *+ *liberty boats boarding is via suspended side stairs.

We keep our boat on a swing moorings *which requires us to dinghy to travel one mile to our boat *we do this in a 8 ft pram and a 3.3 hp motor in the summer.
I am thinking that the usefulness / practically of a 8 ft pram is *slowly coming to an end.
At this time of the year we are using our 13 Foot Boston so we don't get swamped by other boaters or at times heavy seas.
As an on / off dinghy *i am beginning to think *that the 8 ft pram is a *play toy for the mother ship, but it does comes does into its own, when *off on a long trip.

" Be Happy "

Donald & Mavis
Mainship 400 " None the less its a small ship"

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