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Mr. b. " anchoring because bums live on derelict boats without pump out that eventually sink." True in some circumstances although I know one couple and another a single mom who live aboard on their vessels that the majority of people, particularly non boaters, would consider quite derelict boats. They have fallen on hard times and can't afford to re-do their brightwork on a regular basis or afford much else other than food but to consider them bums? Nope. NOT at all! They are responsible to the extent that their finances allow. In any case, I clearly see your point.

As far as ownership...It shouldn't be difficult for a county, town or city to post a notice on the vessel and/or in the local newspaper that the vessel will be removed at such and such a date unless the owner remove it. Then proceed to get rid of it.

I realize this will cost someone $$ but the problem will ultimately be solved for that particular vessel/hazard. Mr. dh has noted this (lack of $$).
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