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The trouble with only considering owner feedback has been discussed many times.

The number of "great" boats as described by owners differs pretty significantly from the number of "great" boats from those that run many different boats under many conditions.

I think owner input is important but in my experience it has to be tempered with a little "ego boosting" and lack of knowing better to a degree.

There seems to be a layer of boaters with enormous experience...than quite a void down to the weekend and occasional boater that has owned a few and rode on a few more in varied conditions. So picking out gems from the "white noise" can be a challenge.

Like many of the pictures posted from owners in 5-6 foot camera must be from a planet with different gravity and yardsticks.....

I see 2 choices. Whenever you are convinced only one "boat" will do the either accept known issues with that type boat or fly to a boat where you can really put it though its paces. I didn't go to my sea trial as I wanted a particular boat and knew the sea trial wasn't going to "learn me" any more about that size, shape, style TT. After 10,000 miles of the type of travel I expected...the boat hasn't given me any surprises.
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