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Originally Posted by Peter B View Post
One small but important difference there Dwight. The Xantrex does not, repeat not, generate, it merely converts AC to DC, or the reverse. So, it's either converting AC to DC to charge, or DC to AC from batteries...

The Alternators generate not comparing apples to apples...
If you read the full thread, Pete, it's about whether or not I need two big expensive alternators, when I already have an 8Kw generator. I don't really want 3 diesels and more thru-hulls and exhausts in my 37 ft boat ER. A rhetorical question, of course, I will keep at least one of them.

However, to answer your point, if I actually removed both alternators and only had the Onan generator, it would feed the Xantrex and charge, repeat charge, the batteries anywhere, look Ma, no alternator(s).

Ideally I want a master 2nd Balmar that generates AC from an idling second engine. Sounds dodgy until you realize it would grant you air conditioning in Oz, without the Onan. Put that second Lehman to work.

FWIW my boat doesn't have a shower or tub, e.g. just a shower handheld that we use sitting down at my transom door behind the dinghy. The PO was handicapped and he used the whole cockpit as his shower stall. I don't lament not maintaining a shower with all its issues inside my boat. But I don't live in Florida, either, and I'd certainly need one there.

"The unexamined boat is not worth cruising."

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