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Originally Posted by Hawgwash View Post
Gives me a headache. Like lookin' at a bowl of Smarties in the sky.I thought the same as raymond.goff; anyone who advertises they may run over things needs a wide berth.With so many variations it's easy to misread. By the time you done figgered out what's goin' on it's too late.

That graphic is easy! Restricted in Ability to Maneuver (Red / White / Red). Two side lights (red and green) of course. Two forward masthead lights = Towing. Double red and green show which side the obstruction is on, and which side is safe to pass.

At night, with nothing visible but these lights, I'd know in an instant exactly what was dead ahead of me. Some sort of dredge or other RAM at work. I'd give way (unless I was NUC) and pass on the green side.

In real life, it can be a little more difficult, looking at a different angle, with shore lights and work lights in the picture, but you can still figure out what's going on if you know your lights:
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