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Originally Posted by djones44 View Post
For a different tack, consider using it for a cabin instead (seriously).

If one engine runs there's a generator and hot water. Pour a pad on someone's back forty and continue with a car port roof, and solar panels, rain catching? Bring in a backhoe one day to lay you out a septic field?

Find some buddies to share the clubhouse, and if enough of us rescue these rotten old woodies, "...they may think it's a movement.." as Arlo'd say.

A trailer park for the ages, boys.
Nothing is new under the sun.
Barcelona harbor in New York ( Lake Erie) has a line up of about 10 or more old boats, trawlers, tugs, etc. They are perched on the grassy shore. Some with nice decks built around them. We think they have water, electric and sewer run out to them. Not a bad idea, when all else fails.
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