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I like synthetics but experience is limited to vehicles. I start using them when new. Currently have a Ford F-150 with 130,000 miles and have never added a quart of oil. This is not as unusual today as it was when I was younger when one might consume almost as much oil as gas.

Not from personal diesel experience but my takeaway from a Nigel Calder class.
1-use an oil that meets all engine manufacturer's recommendations / requirements
2-if a particular oil, which meets the recommendations has been used regularly in an engine he might tend to continue with the same oil due to some variation in additive packages.

Here is a small bit of info from his class handout:

Tier III/IV engines and synthetic oils:
• CI-4 oil is designed for up to 0.5% sulfur; CJ-4 for up to 0.05%
sulfur (500 ppm ULSD; Tier III engines); higher sulfur content
will affect catalytic converters and particulate filters…
• High sulfur fuels need oil with a high Total Base Number
(TBN) & more frequent oil changes; however, high TBN
encourages piston ring fouling & glazing…
• Synthetic oils: improved viscosity, longer lasting, less sludge
but still need to follow engine manufacturer’s
• High detergent properties – may break loose sludge in older
engines and damage the engine…
• Some engine manufacturers double the oil change interval if
you use their oil…
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