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I pressed mine into the bores. Easy enough to unbolt the struts for me as I had to get out the old bushings by pressing, they were tight but yielded to a few tons of force and a little heat from a torch.

First I put the bushings in the freezer as that shrinks them slightly. Then I pressed in the new vesconite bushes, they went in fine. I would make sure the strut inside bore is clean and a slight chamfered - sanded edge so they don't cut the bushes going in.

This was back in 2005. I got them from South Africa by air mail, they were real good on the phone. I think now you can get them here from USA. I paid $23 for each back then included shipping. My shafts are 1 3/8 and bushes are 6 inch long.
I do think they made mine to order being they are metric not standard over there.

I actually have been impressed with them, on my haulout in 2014, they were not worn loose at all.
The rubber on my old bushes was coming loose, an advantage of a vesconite bush is they are solid, so no delamination can happen. Another advantage is they are self lubricating, so if the water flow is impeded they wont wear themself or the shafts.
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