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Originally Posted by sunchaser View Post

No stabilizers? Fins could be added but them banging against a steel and painted hull would require some planning. Would you pick this vessel over an N46 of similar vintage and price? And, one of a kind questions.

Dude, are you ready?
The real question is which do you like better, fiberglass or steel?

That's arguing religion... Either you believe or you don't.

Steel has it's ups and downs, as does every other building material.

I have not been aboard this boat offshore so I don't know if it rolls. I did like the boat a lot and I prefer the NA cat engines. I would prefer 5 cylinder air cooled Deutz diesels but Cat's not a bad 2nd choice Back in the day, we used to call the Cat engines fuel cooled engines, since by comparison, they sucked down lots more fuel than a Deutz.

I know the boat has been WELL taken care of and is in better condition than all other used boats that I've seen. If only I were in as good a condition as it is...

Everyone knows a Nordhavn is rolly, but that's due to their hull shape. I think this one would probably be less rolly inherently since much of it's weight is low. and the upper house is aluminum. How many boats use a detacouple joint? Not many (outside military). Even the engine intakes and exhaust vents on the boat deck can be closed for heavy weather.

I went down to the boat with a camera to take photos but forgot to pull out the camera and take any...

It is simple, but tough. There are complex features that were designed into the boat.

If you really want to slow down (8knts max) this is probably the boat to do it. It is probably one that will run for years with minimal maintenance. I suspect their cache of spares is probably 5+ years before you'd need to buy more.

The draft might be a problem for some people in skinny water.

The fact that no solar panels were included means you're running the gennie regularly to top off the batteries or using the engines... Solar would be nice but where would you put it?

I didn't like the round rungs on the boat deck ladder... hard on my feet, but easily fixed.
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